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Pastoral Emergencies  call 905-906-2896

In an effort to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 all onsite church activities have been postponed.

We regret to inform you that our church is currently closed due to

government regulations regarding Covid-19.

Please pray along with us that numbers will drop and we will soon be able to reopen.

*For your convenience  Morning Prayer Services, Taize and our Sunday Spiritual Communion Service can be accessed from the Tool Bar at the top of this page.



Services are held in the main Church:

Sunday Morning services are at 9:30 AM 

Wednesday service is 10:00 AM Enjoy a mid-week Eucharist service with laying on of hands, anointing, and music; Followed by refreshments and fellowship in Corman Hall..

For additional and special services...

Rev. Bahman


Our return date to Bible Study will be shown here.

We are now holding Bible Study via Zoom.   If you would like to join us please contact us via the "Visit us" link on the tool bar and you will be added to our contacts.   

We would love to have you join us! 

Every Thursday the Taize service link can be found top of this page.

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The return date for Sunday School

will be shown here.

We are now conducting Sunday School via Zoom each Sunday.   If your children would like to join please contact us via the

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Midweek Service

A service with music and the laying on of hands for healing is held every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the chapel followed by refreshments in the

parish hall.



The Holy Gospel

April 18th

 Luke 24:36-48

The disciples have just heard the witness of the two people who met the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus. Even then, when Jesus suddenly appears to them, they are unsure and afraid, thinking him to be a ghost. He reassures them, and eats with them, a very un-ghostlike action. He then tells them how all that happened to him was in fulfillment of prophecies, and in accordance with God’s will.

April 25th 

The Gospel: John 10:11-18

In this well-known passage, Jesus describes himself as the good shepherd who willingly dies to save his sheep. Reference to the “other sheep not of this fold”, means that Jesus’ sacrifice is not just for a chosen few, but for all people. There will be different kinds of sheep, but only one shepherd, Christ.


May 2nd

The Gospel: John 15:1-8

In this gospel passage, part of the “farewell discourses”, Jesus speaks of himself as the vine and his followers as branches of that vine. This speaks to us of our interrelatedness with him, and our dependence on him for our very life. God the Father, as the vine grower, prunes away unfruitful branches.

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