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Rector's Easter Letter

Dear Friends in Christ,

As I write to you today the scene outside is wintery, cold, and grey. But as Lent draws to a close we turn our minds to the promise of renewal in the Resurrection of our Lord and Liberator Jesus Christ.

In John’s Gospel (John 20: 1-17) we read that Mary Magdalene approaches Jesus’ Tomb in the early morning when it is still dark outside. The Gospel goes on to tell us that Mary is stunned and grieved to find the tomb empty. She is certain Jesus’ body has been stolen away. Mary is so full of sorrow that ultimately she expresses her grief through the natural human impulse of crying.

What follows next speaks to each of us as we approach the end of Lent.

Jesus says to Mary: “Why are you crying?”

Ultimately Jesus calls Mary by name and she recognizes the voice and spirit of her Lord. Filled again with Joy she greets Jesus as her Teacher.

Easter is a time for us all to hear, once again, Jesus calling us by name.

During Lent we focus on all of the factors in our lives that draw us away from Christ, factors that leave us lost, and crying out for the light, direction, and voice of our Teacher and Friend.

On Easter Day, we celebrate the Risen Lord. On Easter Day, we celebrate the empty tomb and the voice that calls out to each and every one of us by name.

And so, on Easter Day, let us rejoice and reach out with our hearts to our Lord and Teacher with Joy.

The Lord is Risen. Alleluia!

Happy Easter!

The Reverend Bahman Kalantari

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