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Pub Night Fun!

On March 15th we held another amazingly successful Pub Night. Ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots, salad and apple pie and icecream were on the menu. We were once again entertained by our amazing in house entertainers who performed to a capacity audience. Our next Pub Night will be in June. Come and See!

Rev. Bahman, Bob Landry and Frank Isherwood were our servers for the meal.

The gathering

Colleen and Ben began the evening with live fiddle music

Barry Bailey and his famous "Hey Paula" routine

Rev. Bahman and Tricia "Blowing in the Wind"

Frank Isherwood, Neil Groombridge, Ian Carter and Norm Lampman are the Irish Rovers singing "The Orange and the Green" and "Black Velvet Band"

Glenda Rookwood is Chubby Checker "The Twist"

Neil Groombridge is Kenny Rogers, "Lady" and "The Gambler"

Ian Carter, Wendy McEachern and Jean Jaggard are The Seekers,

I'll never find another you" and "Georgie Girl"

Barb Vance is Patsy Cline "Walking after Midnight"

Jean Jaggard and Barry Bailey, "The Opera Singer Skit"

Ian Carter and Wendy McEachern..Billy Joel "Down Town Girl"

Pub Night organizer Mac McKinnon introduces Alan Jackson (Neil Groombridge) "The Older I get"

The final song "Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer" led by our very own Karen Lampman

The Audience

Mac McKinnon introduces Karen Lampman

Jim and Sharon McConnell served the beverages

Connie Hamilton sold tickets

Bunny Wood cut the pies

Val Landry helped in the kitchen

Margie Hoffman in the kitchen

Elaine McKinnon head cook and Margie Hoffman working behind the scene

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