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Remembrance Day

On Sunday, November 10th we celebrated Remembrance Day remembering those who fought for the freedom of our beloved country, Canada and for those who still fight for us today in all manner of service. The altar theme was titled “Hats of Service Past and Present”. Represented were the Reserves, Army, Air Force, Police, Firefighters, English Bobbies, Special Forces, Women of the second World War and a very special authentic helmet worn in World War II 1939-1945 between France, Holland and Germany. The medals were belong to Connie Hamilton’s father from World War II who served in the Air Force and was stationed in Egypt and Africa and special attention is given to the purple poppies remembering the animals of war, horses, dogs, donkeys that were used in wars of the past and the animals that still play a very important part in todays various services. There were 1200 poppies crocheted by members of the parish and their family and friends. Every single poppy that was created was on display, and will be used and treasured in many more Remembrance Day Services here at Our Saviour the Redeemer. The Parament was created by Marion Jones, Janet/Norm Lampman and Connie Hamilton. The inspiration for all of this came from Mrs. Connie Hamilton.

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