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Our Congratulations to our newest member of the Order of Niagara, Mrs. Mary Bliss

Today Mrs. Mary Bliss received the Order of Niagara from Bishop Susan Bell. We will celebrate with Mary at a special coffee hour on Sunday November 18th. Well deserved Mary and long overdue!!

Mary was born on May 27, 1928, a Sunday, 90 years ago. She was baptized on the first Sunday after her birth at the Cathedral, a tradition which was mandatory in her family. Mary was a member of the afternoon branch of the ACW which for years hosted a Strawberry Social in June in conjunction with the anniversary of the 1812 Battle at Stoney Creek. The ACW ladies handpicked the strawberries for this annual event in the year previous which they then prepared and froze. They enjoyed the teamwork and the fact that their efforts supported the Church financially. Mary sang in the Cathedral choir. She remembers the choir being very strict. Every member was required to be on time for every rehearsal. During her time in Hamilton, Mary’s daughter served as the secretary to the Bishop for many years. Mary was extremely committed to the Stoney Creek Girl Guides where she served as a leader, then as District Commissioner. She was very often part of the distinguished reviewing party at the annual Hamilton Boy Scout’s Parade. Sadly, the last year of this annual occurred on May 24, 2014. Since 2006, Mary Bliss and Lyn Passmore (deceased) hosted the coffee hour after the Wednesday Morning Service at Our Saviour the Redeemer. They were affectionately referred to as the ‘Two Marthas’. Mary worked as a floral designer and at every coffee hour she brought in a lovely floral arrangement, usually based on a theme. For years Mary was a nurse at St. Peter’s Hospital. In this post, and when she had time, she dedicated herself to decorating the halls and rooms to reflect the current season. During her retirement, Mary served as the caregiver for her brother in law John until he passed away. Mary and John painted the dividers in Corman Hall at her parish church of Our Saviour the Redeemer. If a scratch or mark of any kind appeared on them, Mary would diligently insist on them being touched up. Mary Bliss has steadfastly served her parish and her community on so many selfless levels. She is, in my opinion, extremely deserving of the Order of Niagara.

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