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Pentecost Cross

RED...represents the power of the Holy Spirit and the eagerness of those who open their hearts to the Spirit. It also means FIRE that represents the Holy Spirit who filled the apostles with enthusiasm replacing their fear with courage to go forth and share Christ's story. "Tongues of Fire" came to rest on each one of them.

Red for Pentecost can also be seen as reference to the flames of fire that came down upon as well as the fir of "burning charity" that arose in them after that day.

Candles..also represent fire and the draping of the red cloth on the cross representing God, indicates the flow of the wind that represents God's first breath of love into all creation. A driving wind surrounded the apostles on the first Pentecost to strengthen them in their faith. The breath of the Holy Spirit and sometimes a gusting wind strengthens and challenges God's people on their faith journey. represented by the rocks found in a river showing new life and the commitment first made at the time of our baptism and renewed throughout our faith lives.

Dove..symbolizes the Holy Spirit that descended "like a dove" and hovered over Jesus when he was baptized. It is also a symbol of Peace.

Display and explanation by Connie Hamilton.

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