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Another Amazing Pub Night

On Friday, June 14th the parish held another amazingly fun-filled Pub Night. On the menu....bbq hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, cake and ice cream. Our sincere thanks to Mac McKinnon who is our event planner and everyone who played a part in making this such a wonderful evening. Once again the event was sold out within a few days. Our next Pub Night will be held in September..Hope you can make it!

Capacity Crowd

Rev. Bahman and Something????

Barry and Norm Father Charlie Skit

Elaine McKinnon Kitchen Co-ordinator

Neil "Whole Lot of Shakin going on"

Bunny and friends wait for the evening to begin

Ian, Jean, Wendy and Lynda with their version of the Beatles "Yellow Submarine"

George Wallace, "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes"

Mac McKinnon...Event Organizer and music man!

Glenda Rookwood.."Hot, hot, hot"

Neil Groombridge..Roger Whittaker "Last Farewell and New World in the Morning"

Barry Bailey, Frank Isherwood, Neil Groombridge and Norm Lampman are The Beach Boys

Our youngest participant and daddy

Jean Jaggard and Wendy McEachern are Abba

Connie Hamilton was in charge of ticket sales

Sharon and Jim McConnell and Tricia Kalantari enjoying the evening

Ian Carter was Roy Orbison

Barry Bailey "Father Charlie" and Ian Carter "Roy Orbison" waiting to go on.

Neil Groombridge "Old Time Rock and Roll"

All on stage for the final song "See you in September" Hope we see you!!

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