Christmas Eve Family Service

The 4:30 p.m. Christmas Eve Service is a family service. At sermon time the children present were invited to go to the front of the church and Tricia told them a story about birthdays and birthday gifts. . She told us about a time when she was eight years old and the great time she had at a birthday party but in her excitement she forgot to wish her friend happy birthday and forgot to give her a hug. She had become caught up in the excitement of the party and had forgotten the reason for the party was to celebrate her friend's birthday. The children were given a large box to open filled with candy which was to be distributed following the service. At the end of her talk Tricia asked them to look a little closer for a tiny parcel that was wrapped up but hidden by all of the candy. Finally the gift was found and when it was opened it was the baby Jesus lying in a manger. We were all asked to enjoy Christmas with all of it's treats but to remember the greatest gift ever given was given in the form of a tiny baby, born into poverty and laid in a manger. Following the talk we were treated to a beautiful song sung by Keturah, Kayrah and Keshan Gaston. All in all it was a beautiful service.

Tricia Kalantari and the children

Keturah, Kayrah and Keshan Gaston

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