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World Day of Prayer

Our parish was honoured to host World Day of Prayer 2020. World Day of Prayer is an ecumenical movement. Our parish joined with members of Stoney Creek Baptist, The Church of Christ and St. Francis Xavier churches and together with churches all around the world of various denominations we celebrated and prayed for the women of Zimbabwe.

The evening began with a procession of those taking part in the service. We viewed a seven minute video of what life is like in Zimbabwe and enjoyed two solos sung by our amazing organist Philip Lee. The church was lovingly decorated by members of the parish with three large giraffes and a zebra (Jean ) and new Parament (Janet and Connie), beautiful handmade flowers and bows for the chairs (Connie) A gentleman attending from the Zimbabwe church brought a flag and this was placed at the front on the table where the Bible and Flowers were placed. The service was followed by a reception in the parish hall. Our thanks to everyone who in any way contributed to the success of this service. There were 89 people in attendance.

The processional Hymn "Sister Let Me Be Your Servant" was sung as particpants entered the church


Keturah, Kayrah and Dominque light the candles of "Love", "Reconciliation" & "Peace"


Kayrah and Keturah read the Gospel Message

Members from the Zimbabwe Church in Stoney Creek take part

Margie Hoffman and Janet Lampman take part in the service

Welcome to our service

Our thanks to Ken our media man!

A beautiful bowl from Africa (Jean) adourned the Taize Cart

Candles of "Love", "Reconciliation" and "Peace" were lit by Dominique, Kayrah and Keturah

Our thanks to our amazing organist Philip Lee for sharing his many gifts with us!

Our thanks to Connie Hamilton and Janet Lampman for creating the Parament for World Day of Prayer 2020

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