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Parish Family Christmas Party 2023

On December 1st we held our very first "Parish Family Christmas party" It was well attended by both family and friends. Our thanks to Mac Mackinnon for organizing this event . We sang some Christmas songs together, enjoyed pizza and croissant sandwiches, pop, coffee and tea. Our thanks to Bunnie Woods and family for so many hours of work transforming the parish hall into a Christmas Wonderland. To Shadi Masahi for taking professional photos of everyone as they visited Santa To Barry Bailey, our very own three legged man. Our thanks to everyone who came and everyone who helped in so many ways and to Jesus whose presence, we felt walking among us. This truly was a night to remember and cherish.

All of the children present were invited to have their photos taken together with Canon Bahman, Tricia and Santa.

Lori Ann and her two cute little ones visiting Santa.

Wendy and her sweet little granddaughter.

A visit with Santa is so much fun!

My very first Christmas!

It was great to have you with us George!

Bunnie, thank you for transforming our parish hall into a winter wonderland with the help of your wonderful family.

Thanks Shadi for taking so many photos of so many people. We are blessed to have you.

Parish Family Fun!

Marion and Santa having a chat.

Frank and Chris Isherwood.

Margie and her two granddaughters.

Santa and sweet little Maeve.

Thanks for coming Mandi

Joe, Santa and Deborah

A Serenade from Santa.

Bahman and Tricia with Santa

Canon Bahman with one of our little ones

Santa singing "Here Comes Santa Claus"

Marion and Irene

Barry Bailey, our three legged man.

A present from Santa always brings a big smile.

Santa and Tricia

Santa and George Wallace going for a ride on George's walker.

The Gaston family and two of Keshan's friends


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